Kitchen No.6
Trugs 5 Harlequin
Kitchen 5
Kitchen 5 Harlequin
River Cottage - Hugh using the wrong sized Trug for the task!
Masterchef - All Tooled up for the search in the herb garden
See the No. 5 Trug in the 'Classic Trug range
See the No. 6 Trug in the 'Classic Trug range
The No.5 'Harlequin' Trug.
No different from the Classic Trug range,
except it has that real 'WOW' factor! Alternate boards stained with a sunburst effect.
There are many and varied cooking programmes on the TV that frequently feature my trugs in the background or foreground. I have supplied trugs for use in several TV programmes including Gardeners World, River Cottage, MasterChef etc. As a result, trugs seem to be 'the thing' to be used as a kitchen container for fruit, vegetables, herbs etc. I have them myself (of course) in our kitchen for eggs and tomatoes, in the bathroom for the wife's sundries and the living room for pot-pourri (oh, and in the garden for which they're intended). So, if you are looking for a gift for a 'hard to buy for'  person, just maybe a trug is the answer?

A Trug for the Kitchen and Chef!

A bit battered and needs some TLC! (The Trug not Jamie)