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Kevin and Jaqui at Trug Makers have sizes and styles to suit every need, from the kitchen garden to the allotment. Browse our range and select the size most suitable for your need. You can order here (Click the View Trug Sizes and prices link) or call us anytime. Orders are sent same or next working day.

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Orders can be made here, or over the phone just call 01323440452 ANYTIME
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I was the original designer of the ‘harlequin' option 42 years ago and was awarded the British Standards Kite label for design.There are recent copiers of this design but I consider this a compliment (even though they sell for 30% more than my own). The actual production of the trugs remains in the traditional manner of steaming and bending round formers (that are almost as old as me). I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I have never ever had a disappointed customer - on the contrary, I have had many hundreds of letters and emails complementing my trugs (see my feedback) and have never had a trug returned. The quality of the finished article is paramount, so much so that at a large agricultural show, another trugmaker on seeing my trugs cleared away his trugs and went home before the show started! My trugs really do make excellent gifts for those ‘hard to buy for’ people. I am the only trugmaker that offers a lifetime guarantee against normal usage. I recently replaced a trug where the owner tripped and fell on the trug that broke the handle on the condition that he joined weigh-watchers! To be honest, that is not as generous as may appear, because the customer didn’t want to part with it so wanted it repaired. This meant they would have to pay two postages; it would take me longer to dissemble (which would probably have created more damage), then reassemble so it was faster to make a new one! Browse my Trugs and read the specifications to find the size that suits. Thankyou for reading.
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An absolutely brilliant piece of craftsmanship!! I'm glad I decided on the REAL thing, all the other ones I'd seen in garden centres were just bits of wood.  From the copper nails down to it being signed and dated, it just says... quality!!!
For Trugs Hand made in Sussex
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>>>   Prefer to order by phone?  01323 440452 Anytime   <<<
Trugs also available to collect from our workshop. Click the 'Contact Me' link
Prefer to order by phone? 
01323 440452 Anytime
Trugs also available to collect from our workshop. Click the 'Contact Me' link
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